Emil Gouda

Cheese Merchant; "Community Leader", Altquarter


Middle-aged. Fat, lazy manner. Wears rich clothes decorated with cheese- and fish-motif-ed accoutrements. Noticeable Marienburger accent. Doesn’t carry weapons – his bodyguards do.


Emil Gouda, better known as “The Big Cheese”, is the flamboyant crime lord of the Altquarter.

Still one of the most powerful underworld figures in Middenheim – primarily due to his legitimate businesses and Marienburg connections – his gang holdings suffered in the siege. Emil has started aggressively expanding into other parts of the city.

His overtures in Ostwald have met with resistance, primarily from gangster / smuggler Johann Stallart. He plans to raid various community centres in Ostwald, and beat the burghers there into submission.

Emil Gouda

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