Father Georg

Senior Priest, Cult of Morr


In his forties or fifties – but with the Priests of Morr it can be difficult to tell, sometimes. Balding, with remaining hair white and short. Stocky. Kindly demeanour, often jokey. Not that anybody laughs.


Father Georg is a senior priest attached to Morrspark, in Middenheim.

Recently, the widespread suffering caused by Archaon’s invasion has spurred him to travel beyond the gates of the city.

With a dozen initiates, a squad of soldiers, and his Black Guard bodyguard Brother Bastian, Father Georg has been visiting the ruined settlements of Middenland in turn, performing burial rites for the victims of Chaos.

Drei Zeilen encountered him in the wreck of Kastof, where they surrendered Anya Vonreuter to his care. Both the girl and the priest are currently back in Middenheim.

Father Georg

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