Matthias Hoffer

Member, Ordo Fidelis


An imposing man, over six feet tall: rangy, but packed with corded muscle. Dark hair and eyes; scarred face. Wears full plate and an amulet of the Ordo Fidelis. Commanding and chary.


Matthias is a heavily-armed member of the Ordo Fidelis; he seems to be a leader.

He and his comrades – Jakob Bauer and Ulrich Fischer – ride to Drei Zeilen’s assistance when they face Beastmen and worse in the middle of the Schadensumpf – dispatching the spawn of Chaos with a swift and expert assault.

He offers to escort the group the rest of the way to Middenheim, to ensure that the Brass Skull does not fall into the hands of the Enemy.

Matthias Hoffer

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